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Top 10 WWE Wrestlers of All Time!

The following list takes everything into account that a pro wrestler had done. This list concerns itself with seeking to understand who truly are the top ten wrestlers of all time.

Their ability to generate revenue as well as appearing on high profile matches was all taken into consideration.

Throughout the years we have seen all types of wrestlers in WWE. There have been different styles as well depending on the creative direction of the company during that particular time.

This list will try to make everything come together in a way in which we can finally reveal the top 10 superstars of all time.

I will admit I thought of Chris Benoit when making this list based on his wrestling talent, but due to his actions I do not feel right in including him.

I do believe that he has a place in wrestling history but I could not include him in my top ten list based on the final moments of his life. Having said that, my sympathies go out to anyone who suffered a loss due to that horrific incident.

10. Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus lit the world of fire during her tenure with WWE. Not only did she become the women’s champion on various occasions, but her feuds with Victoria and Lita are some of the greatest wrestling feuds of all time.

Trish Stratus has proven through her great in-ring work and promo ability that she is one of the top ten of all time.

9. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero came from the world of Lucha Libre to establish himself as the top performer in WWE by winning the title from Brock Lesnar.

If ever an underdog has risen, it has to be this man. His work in WCW was amazing in that it showcased the abilities of the cruiserweight division.

His comedic timing and athletic ability took his career to new heights in WWE. It is hard not to love this man as a entertainer.

For opening the door up for Luchadors like Rey Mysterio to winning the world title, Eddie deserves to be on the best wrestlers of all time list.

8. RVD

Easily one of the most athletic superstars of all time. He not only captured two world titles at the same time but he changed the landscape of WWE.

He made it possible for the WWE champion whom at the time was John Cena to have to wrestle in the original ECW Arena.

Further cementing his legendary status, he managed to defeat Cena on RVD’s home turf. It would be impossible to make this list without the inclusion of “Mr Monday Night” RVD!

7. Owen Hart

Enough words cannot be said about this man. He was not only perhaps the most consistent worker in WWE but he helped a lot of people reach their potentials in the wrestling business.

Without Owen, the legend of Stone Cold would not be as big. Lets all face it, when Owen was in a tag team he made that division relevant. Also let’s not forget his classic matches with his brother Bret.

If there is any doubt, pop in an old Owen Hart match and watch the master at work. The wrestling world loves you, brotha!

6.Triple  HHH

This man has won the WWE title nearly as many times as Ric Flair. He was also instrumental in the Monday night wars thanks to his involvement with DX.

The Game also has a tendency to headline WrestleMania. He might be controversial at times, but when it comes down to it, HHH deserves to be on this list.

5. The Rock

The Rock has to be considered one of the greatest workers of all time. His promos could be considered the best.

It’s also important to note that his work rate in the ring has always been very high. Even after long periods of not wrestling, when he has returned, it seems he never loses a step inside the squared circle.

His match at Mania against Hogan had an epic feel to him, and it did feel that the torch was passed. I bet if he had stayed in wrestling, this man would be at the No. 1 list of many wrestling historians.

4. Shawn Michaels

HBK has been one of the top superstars since he started with WWE. He has also been extremely loyal.

Every one of his matches appears to be like a highlight reel and it is hard to tell if he has slowed down at all.

He was in the first Iron Man match against Bret Hart and also in the first Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker.

His latest masterpiece at WrestleMania 25 further cements the fact that HBK is a icon like no other.

3. Ric Flair

Whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man has won the world title more times than wrestling historians can keep track of.

He is a legend whose career has been watched by millions of adoring fans. His work in NWA, WCW, and WWE is nothing short of perfection.

Thinking back to the Four Horsemen and their popularity in the sport, it is not far-fetched to throw this guy into the No. 1 spot of any list.

His WWE retirement match with HBK was amazing and one can only think that this man will never stop wrestling.

2. Bret Hart

His historic story has no limits. He has held just about every championship title in existence. One can only think that with his return to WWE that the legend will only continue.

Either way you look at it, his ability to tell a story in the ring is surpassed by no one. He has proved through his feud with just about every top superstar of yesterday and today that he is ” the best there is was and ever will be.”

If you don’t believe your humble writer, just go check out the iron man match between HBK and him at Wrestlemania XII.

I believe he deserves this top spot due to his ability to start a feud between Canadian and American wrestling fans; this is nothing short of legendary.

1. Hulk Hogan

Hogan is beyond icon in the wrestling world. You ask anyone who he is and they know for the most part.

His ability to sell tickets is unmatched by anyone. His past matches basically have proven that if you work a program with this guy, then you are going to get noticed.

He has never been the best worker and he has the tendency not to put people over, but face facts, fans, there is nobody more charismatic than this man.



Always a fun fact to know, here are the biggest earners in baseball today – the ten highest paid players in Major League Baseball for the 2010 season, with surprise surprise, four Yankee players in the top spots, two Cubs, One Astro, One Mets pitcher, one Phillie bomber and one future hall of famer(??) from Detroit.

Number 10 – Carlos Zambrano, Chicago Cubs – 18,875,000 Dollars

The 28 year old Venezuelan isn’t having the best time of his career this year, carrying over from a disappointing 2009, as the Cubs missed the playoffs after two consecutive appearances and Zambrano finished only 9-7, his lowest win total since 2002. He started pretty bad in 2010, going 1-2 with a 6.85 ERA, getting moved to the bullpen 10 days ago for the first time since, again, 2002. He has been quoted on the matter of retirement, saying he’ll leave the game when his contract with the Cubs expires.

Number 9 (tied) – Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies – 19,000,000 Dollars

He did sign a 25 mil per year extension last week, but it’ll start from next season, so he’ll have to settle for only 19 this year. The 2006 NL MVP and the NL leader in RBI’s for three of the last four years is the fastest player in MLB history to reach 100 and 200 career home runs, currently standing at 226, with him going 45+ in each of the last four seasons, including 58 in 2006, one of only 8 men in history to reach that mark or top it.

Number 9 (tied) – Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs – 19,000,000 Dollars

Another disappointing Cub, the 34 year old Dominican. Soriano has been gradually declining since he moved to Chicago (2007) after a monster 40-40 year with the Nationals in 2006. In 2009 he produced the worst offensive numbers of his career. His fielding was bad as usual, but that’s nothing new. He does shine from time to time, but far from a regular basis and shouldn’t be on a lineup of a playoff aspiring team.

Number 9 (tied) – Carlos Lee, Houston Astros – 19,000,000 Dollars

The 33 year old Panama born Left Fielder is off to a horrible start in 2010, 20 games into the season and still no home runs, hitting an awful .177. He will bounce back probably to the numbers he’s used to producing (five consecutive 100+ RBI seasons), but it won’t take the Astros anywhere this season again.

Number 6 – Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers – 20,000,000 Dollars

Our first player in the 20 mil club, the 27 year old Cabrera is one of the best hitters in the league, leading the AL in RBI’s so far this year with 25. His Slugging percentage and batting average are both 10th among active players and looks to be heading for another great year in the very tough and tight AL Central, hoping to land the Tigers in the post season for the first time since their World Series loss to the Cardinals in 2006.

Number 5 – Johan Santana, New York Mets – 20,144,707 Dollars

The second highest paid pitcher in the league is off to a very good start in April, going 3-1, allowing only one home run in 5 starts. After being troubled by injury in 2009, Santana looks again like one of the most dominating guys out there, with the Mets off to a 13-9 start and in every need of every moment Santana spends on the mound. Santana’s third in career ERA among active players (3.10), 15th in wins (125), and sixth in strikeout with 1761.

Number 4 – Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees – 20,625,000 Dollars

The first of the Yankee quartet in the top 4 is off to his usual slow start, and maybe his worst April ever, with a .139 average, producing only 2 home runs and 9 RBI’s in 21 games. After his fantastic debut Yankees season which resulted in his first World Series win and leading the AL in home runs (39, tied with Carlos Pena) and RBI’s (122), it’ll be very surprising to see him continue his April slump.

Number 3 – Derek Jeter, New York Yankees – 22,600,000 Dollars

Number 3 on the Yankees payroll but the team’s number one guy, Jeter is in the beginning of his 16th season in Baseball, all of them as a New York Yankee. He’s off to, well, his usual start, hitting .311 as the Yankees are 14-7. Jeter won his fifth World Series last season, breaking nine years of championship drought. In the beginning of this season (April 6) Jeter, alongside with Posada and Mariano Rivera, became the first teammates in any of the four major league sports in North America (MLB, NFL, NBA, or NHL) to play in at least 16 seasons on the same team as teammates.

Number 2 – CC Sabathia, New York Yankees – 24,285,714 Dollars

The highest paid pitcher in the history of baseball is off to a better start than last season (which eventually ended rather well for him and his team), going 3-1 in five starts with the Yankees, playing 2 complete games so far, making it 30 in his career, 5th among active players. Sabathia led the AL in wins last year (19-8) and his 139 career total is 10th among active pitchers.

Number 1 – Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees – 33,000,000 Dollars

A-Rod is off to a slow start, hitting .250 with only 2 home runs so far, but when you make 33 mil a year, taking his estimated career earnings from Baseball to over 250 million dollars and you finally have the World Series title you always coveted, who cares about slow starts? The only thing he has left to achieve, probably, is the Home Runs record, tainted or not, and it’ll be interesting to see how much more he has left in him, at the age of 34. Right now, he’s 585, second among active players and 8th all time, 177 short. If he stays healthy (unlike last season and in 2008) for the whole year, he could reach it in 4-5 seasons.

NFL (National Football League) is the highest level American Football in USA and has 32 teams from all over the country that are divided in two conference: The American Football Conference and National Football Conference with each conference consist of 4 divisions of 4 teams each. NFL is one of the most followed leagues in USA with 66,960 average attendances per game in the 2010-11 season. Of course there are many stand out players in the league based on their seasonal records and the 2010 season was one of the most exciting season with many records being made by the top players in the league. Here are the 10 best players of 2010-11 season:

10. Adrian Peterson:

Team: Minnesota Vikings
Position: Running Back

Adrian Peterson made an outstanding start in the season with 392 yards and 3 touchdowns in 3 games and stormed to 1267 yards with 12 touchdowns and made only one fumble in the whole season. He successfully represented his team in the Pro Bowl with one touchdown.

9. Jared Allen:

Team: Minnesota Vikings
Position: Defensive End

Allen made a slow start in the 2010 season with only 1 sack in 7 games but then strikes back with the important 10 sacks in next 9 games and scored his second ever defensive touchdown in the season finale against the Detroit.

8. Patrick Willis:

Team: San Francisco 49ers
Position: Linebacker

The highest paid inside linebacker in the history of NFL, Patrick Willis is the one of the most dangerous linebacker. Patrick has to lay the season with several injuries but he still manages to be selected for the Pro Bowl and was named first team All Pro from Associated Press. He was also named the Linebacker of the year for the third time in his career by NFL Alumni Association.

7. Ben Roethlisberger:

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Position: Quarterback

Arguably the most famous quarterbacks of this decade. Ben Roethlisberger had pretty impressive season of 2010 despite being suspended for the six games in the start due to his off field conduct. He almost led Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl XLV victory but fell 6 points short. But he was the standout performer in that game.

6. Larry Fitzgerald:

Team: Arizona Cardinals
Position: Wide Receiver 

Despite Cardinals did not made an impact in 2010 season, Larry Fitzgerald was the sole performer with 90 passes for 1137 yards with one touchdown and was also named the 5th Pro Bowl of the season

5. Chris Johnson:

Team: Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson performed outstandingly against Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants completing 100 yds against each team and performed two match winning touchdown against Dallas Cowboys. He also completed 110 yds with touchdown against Indianapolis Colts.

4. Troy Polamalu:

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Position: Strong Safety

Troy was the standout performer for Steelers as he made a game saving interception and a forced fumble with a sack in two different games that helped the Steelers to capture the victory. Overall he made 7 interception in the 2010 season.

3. Ray Lewis:

Team: Baltimore Ravens
Position: Linebacker

Ray Lewis was the one of the most successful player of 2010 season with 139 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries, 2 interceptions, 4 pass deflected and 1 touchdown. He was named 2nd team All Pro by the Associated Press and was selected at the Pro Bowl for the 12th time in 2010.

2. Peyton Manning:

Team: Indianapolis Colts
Position: Quarterback

A record 4 times MVP award winner, Peyton Manning was the most impressive player of Indianapolis Colts as helped his team to end the 2010 season with 10 wins in 18 games. Manning also posted the record of 450 completions in 679 attempts which are 2nd most in the history and a career high 4700 yards passing.

1. Tom Brady:

Team: New England Patriots
Position: Quarterback

The winner of the American Press NFL offensive player of the year award along with the MVP award, Brady’s outstanding performance in 2010 was the highlighted figure in 2010 season breaking many records in the process

Okay Soccer fans, here we have this amazing list of the top 10 soccer players in the World. They are no doubt the BEST! Their techniques and tactics are mind blowing, their control on the ball is so magical that make you say WTF man how he did this?
So let us take a look at them

10. Andres Iniesta

This Midfielder is from Spain and plays for Barcelona Club. He is an amazing dribbler and often called as “the Illusionist”. His attacking and defending are superb.

9. Didier Drogba

He plays forward and plays from the Club called Chelsea. He is from Ivory Coast and joined at the age of 26 and rocked the world with his awesome-ness! Chelsea pays $37 million for him.

8. Samuel Eto’o

He is from the Inter Club and plays forward. He was a part of Cameroon team at the age of 14 and was signed in by Real Madrid at the age of 16 and then was rejected 4 years later. He scored 108 goals for Barcelona in 5 seasons.

7. Steven Gerrad

This English man plays for Liverpool and is a Midfielder. He is an unstoppable award winner like he is the player of the month, player of the year, team of the year and many more. He is even the captain of Liverpool team.

6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

He is from Sweden and plays for the Barcelona club. Zlatan plays forward and has the ability to put a life in the game.

5. Xavi Hernandez

This Spanish guy plays for the Barcelona club and is a Midfielder. He is an excellent organizer plus and awesome dribbler. No doubt a great player he really is.

4. Kaka

He is so CUTE!! :p and from Brazil plus he plays for Real Madrid and is a Midfielder. This man is known for his principles and a true believer of Jesus. He is a great dribbler and a great Mastermind.

3. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is an English man and plays for Manchester United as a forward. He has the highest goals not only in his club but also anywhere he plays and rocks it.

2. Christiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is from Portugal and plays for Real Madrid plus he plays as a Midfielder. When he was 18 he played for Manchester United and played for them for 6 years. He was the FIFA Footballer of the Year 2008. In one year he scored 42 goals. No doubt he is an awesome dribbler, cool shooter and kick ass header!

1. Lionel Messi

Lionel is from Argentina and plays for FC Barcelona and plays forward. This 22 years old guy is ruling the Soccer field with his success and awards for most of the goals in a year.

It’s that time of year again.

When hoops is in the air and you look down and realize it might be time for a change.

Your kicks are probably worn out from all that summer run and you need a fresh new pair to start off the 2009-10 season.

But which pair to get? Fear not—I have compiled a list of the top 10 basketball shoes to rock in 09 and into 2010.

These are the kicks that will be chosen by college power-houses, NBA All-Stars and varsity team’s across the country—Don’t get left out.

10.Nike Air Max Lebron VII

9- Nike Hypermax

What will they think of next? Another brilliant shoe that is a spin off of the 2k4 Air Huarache, with functionality and style rolled into one.

I like how Nike went back to the Air Bubble sole. It runs the whole length of the shoe and provides maximum comfort.

Some people are not a fan of the ankle strap, and I happen to think those people are crazy. It provides a locked in feel as well as gives an ankle some support—especially for the defensive end.

8- Kobe IV

I know these have been out for a year but Kobe actually won his 4th ring in these. Nike has recently released a whole new set of Kobe IV’s that have all new color combinations.

These new flavors are sick!

Not only are these championship caliber kicks, but they are one of the lightest and most comfy shoes out there.

Speaking from experience, these low tops are some great shoes to hoop in. Now with the new colors out, you can have a pair for the court, and a pair for club.

Trust me—go get a pair.

7- Adidas TS Commander LT

The name of this shoe sounds like the model of a truck, not the new signature shoe from NBA Finals runner-up Dwight Howard.

Although some may argue Howard is as big and strong as a truck, this guy won’t argue the fact that Adidas has put some nice wheels on their Magic big rig.

I’m always a pessimist when Adidas comes out with a shoe for the court but I think they did a solid job. I wouldn’t recommend this shoe for guards, but big men will appreciate the simple style, padding and the clean colors.

6- Nike Shox Vision TB

The team shoe for the one with hops. Some people believe this shoe to be “gimmicky” but after playing in a pair, I am a believer—Not that they spring you skyward like VC back in the day, but they perform great as a basketball shoe.

The one factor that really helps this shoe climb the list is the crazy color combinations the Shox Vision TB is offered in.

Footlocker to Eastbay all carry a crazy selection and have some great deals if you’re buying in bulk for a team.

5- Jordan 60 Plus

Just in case you don’t know what you’re looking at, allow me to explain.

Team Jordan went and took the 4 shoes that MJ wore each time he scored more than 60 in a game and combined them into, the Jordan 60 plus.

The shoe came out looking amazing and it’s a Jordan, so it of course performs unbelievably well on the court and is a fashion statement off the court.

When’s the last time you dropped 60?

4- Air Penny II

What? Lil’ Penny in the house!

I should maybe tone down my excitement for the re-release of this shoe, but seriously if you didn’t get these the first time around, count your lucky stars because they are back.

The Nike Air Penny II, and it’s available in some crazy new colors, like the black, white and red you see here. This shoe really brings back memories, not to mention, it looks great, feels great and is one of the greatest of all time.

Is it 1996?

3- Nike Hypersize

I have heard rumors from folks that say this is the best basketball shoe ever constructed in terms of on court use.

I can’t say that they are too far off. The Hypersize is comfy, and has the look of a basketball shoe. The color combinations for these are unreal.

Keep a look out for most college players to be rocking these as well as several of the guys in league. Chances are, if you are in the League and don’t have your own shoe contract, you will hoop in these.

2- New Kobe V

These have not been released yet, but when they do, you are going to want to pick a pair up.

They have kept the low cut from the success of the Kobe IV, and added a couple texture tweaks and a few line changes.

If this performs as well as the Kobe IV I’ll be blown away, if it performs better, (like it is expected to) I might die and go to heaven.


1- LeBron VI

Here comith the King.

These new kicks are ill. I’m going to be honest and say that I have not been a huge fan of Bron Bron’s kicks thus far. However, these shoes have won me over.

The design is simple, yet has enough details to make any shoe aficionado want to take a closer look.

Word on the street is this will be the lightest shoe LeBron has put out yet. If it is good enough for the King, it should be good enough for the rest of us.