2010 was an awesome year for games, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood are to mention a few but lets just stop for a moment and give a thought to a year that we also got plenty of crap. Here are my top 10 worst games of 2010 that I had the displeasure of playing…

Fighters Uncaged

Now I don’t want to pick on Kinect too much, but there have been several under par titles released on the system. Fighter’s Uncaged takes a prize for one of the worst, it was just plain pants. I refused to accept that the game sucked and borrowed a friends copy. The training went great, a fairly responsive system with a variety of moves and combos. Okay so some moves were pretty poor, like throwing a hand down to do a spinning back fist, but I was really beginning to wonder why there was so much bad press on the game. Then I had my first and last fight – what an awkward, frustrating scrap pile. That game got turned off, placed back in its case and the game history deleted from my tag. My brother is still insistent that he wants a go when he comes over next, best he dig deep in the garbage for it.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

When I was young you were either a Nintendo boy or a SEGA boy, I was the latter so when I heard that Sonic was returning to his 2D roots I was jumping for joy, that is until I bought and played Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1! What had they done? I was confused, it looked like Sonic and the first level had a very similar look and layout to Sonic, but this wasn’t Sonic. Had he put on weight? Because boy does it take him a while to get going and what in the world has happened to the jumping? How can a platforming game make the jumping mechanic feel so awkward? It got worse, you can now jump into any level at any time! What happened to starting at the beginning and work your way through the whole game, no saves just one playthrough. If you are going to rebrand Sonic as returning to his roots at least return him there and not get half way and give up, in the trash you go.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Ok so form an orderly queue with your pitch forks at the ready. I know I may upset a lot of people by having this title in my list but then it is my list and I apologise to all you gamers who hold this franchise very dear to your hearts. I never got into Castlevania as a kid, it was just one of those franchises that I never picked up and so I jumped at the chance when Harmony of Despair appeared on XBLA. I must have missed something? I found it confusing and unresponsive, I just couldn’t understand why it had such a grand cult following. I did love Castlevania Lords of Shadow but this game belongs in the trash.

Crazy Taxi

My last trashy XBLA game is Crazy Taxi. Some things are best left to memory. We all have fond memories of cartoon shows we used to watch, then when we sit down and watch them the realisation kicks in that actually they weren’t as great as we remember, well Crazy Taxi is just like that. I had fond memories rocking out to Offspring as I thrashed my taxi around but now thanks to the XBLA’s remake that memory is forever tarnished. Unresponsive controls, bland graphics and no Offspring, I did not enjoy my reminisce half as much as I expected to. To the trash pile you go!

Skate 3

Whatever happened to the good old days when skating games were fun? Oh that’s right they kept on plugging it with gimmicks and trying to make it too true to life. Seriously it’s a game and that’s where Skate 3 fell down, bridging a skate sim with a Tony Hawks-esque point scoring system. Skate had a fragmented story, awkward controls and bored me half to death, the fun with skate games stopped at Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 and Skate 3 is happily in my trash pile.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior


I actually quiet enjoyed the idea behind this game, however I did not enjoy the execution. It was hard enough seeing through the multiple screen tears in the graphics, trying to piece together a very boring and unoriginal story but the final straw was being shot from miles away by AI with Semi automatic rifles while I, complete with full Ghilly suit,  tucked up in a hedge! This was highly frustrating and if this wasn’t enough, you can forget about trying to sneak about levels because stealth is next to impossible. All the elements of stealth and the funky ‘follow the bullet’ mechanic were shot to pieces by an extremely poor AI system, Sniper, try sneaking your way out my trash pile.

Dark Void

Dark Void, a game that showed so much promise. The videos looked great and the developers spoke offering much promise of a unique third person shooter which would flip perspectives on their head, well it certainly flipped something! To start with I thought this was a great little game, okay so the story was pretty lame but the vertical combat was great and really quite an impressive twist to the third person formula. Its just a real shame that the game became samey using the same bag of tricks over and over, not to mention some of the lamest flight combat and controls I have ever experienced. A shame but in the trash you go!

Alpha Protocol

What’s there not to look forward to in a game promising the three JB’s? (James Bond, Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer). Well it seems quite a lot is missing! This game is proof of far too many promises and gimmicks which have ended up being mashed together in an awkward game. There are several great stand out features to AP but they are all destroyed by a control system that will have you screaming and a story so confusing that it makes inception sound like a nursery rhyme. I’ve been told the game opens up and can become very in depth and enjoyable but like many before me this game has been slung in the trash with the rest of them.

Crackdown 2

I, like the rest of you bought Crackdown for pretty much one reason, to get my hands on the Halo 3 beta. What I didn’t count on was getting the added bonus of an awesome game, I loved it. There was so much fun to be had leaping around causing destruction and carnage with my mates online, the gameplay was top notch as well with a good story and plenty to do and see. Crackdown 2 comes along with refined multiplayer and zombie like creatures, what’s there not to love? Well everything! I hated this game, everything that I felt was to love about the first had been lost. Crackdown 2 had a crap storyline and the missions were so incredibly repetitive and dull, but deep down I had hoped that the game would spring to life and what I once knew would be hidden in there somewhere, then it ended and I was left empty. If I didn’t have to return this game it would have certainly ended up in the trash.

Aliens vs Predator

What could go wrong? Aliens, Predators and Marines all bundled up inside a computer game. Surely this should be GOTY material, iconic characters that have awesome films and a huge following. Well on paper it sounds ace then Rebellion Games took a hold of it. Not only did AvP push back and possibly can Aliens: Colonial Marines, but it completely trampled all over the hopes of many gamers that this new game would inject a bit of life into the AvP franchise which had been recently damaged by the terrible films. It played awfully, had no pace to it and the only stand out part was a multiplayer which was fun for about a week and a Marine campaign that was over just as soon as it began, very disappointing and like the films, it should all be trashed and incinerated! – What’s your worst game of 2010? Maybe the empty promises of a certain Mr Molyneux disappointed you such that Fable III was your trash, or Halo: Reach just wasn’t the game you expected. Let us know below.