It’s that time of year again.

When hoops is in the air and you look down and realize it might be time for a change.

Your kicks are probably worn out from all that summer run and you need a fresh new pair to start off the 2009-10 season.

But which pair to get? Fear not—I have compiled a list of the top 10 basketball shoes to rock in 09 and into 2010.

These are the kicks that will be chosen by college power-houses, NBA All-Stars and varsity team’s across the country—Don’t get left out.

10.Nike Air Max Lebron VII

9- Nike Hypermax

What will they think of next? Another brilliant shoe that is a spin off of the 2k4 Air Huarache, with functionality and style rolled into one.

I like how Nike went back to the Air Bubble sole. It runs the whole length of the shoe and provides maximum comfort.

Some people are not a fan of the ankle strap, and I happen to think those people are crazy. It provides a locked in feel as well as gives an ankle some support—especially for the defensive end.

8- Kobe IV

I know these have been out for a year but Kobe actually won his 4th ring in these. Nike has recently released a whole new set of Kobe IV’s that have all new color combinations.

These new flavors are sick!

Not only are these championship caliber kicks, but they are one of the lightest and most comfy shoes out there.

Speaking from experience, these low tops are some great shoes to hoop in. Now with the new colors out, you can have a pair for the court, and a pair for club.

Trust me—go get a pair.

7- Adidas TS Commander LT

The name of this shoe sounds like the model of a truck, not the new signature shoe from NBA Finals runner-up Dwight Howard.

Although some may argue Howard is as big and strong as a truck, this guy won’t argue the fact that Adidas has put some nice wheels on their Magic big rig.

I’m always a pessimist when Adidas comes out with a shoe for the court but I think they did a solid job. I wouldn’t recommend this shoe for guards, but big men will appreciate the simple style, padding and the clean colors.

6- Nike Shox Vision TB

The team shoe for the one with hops. Some people believe this shoe to be “gimmicky” but after playing in a pair, I am a believer—Not that they spring you skyward like VC back in the day, but they perform great as a basketball shoe.

The one factor that really helps this shoe climb the list is the crazy color combinations the Shox Vision TB is offered in.

Footlocker to Eastbay all carry a crazy selection and have some great deals if you’re buying in bulk for a team.

5- Jordan 60 Plus

Just in case you don’t know what you’re looking at, allow me to explain.

Team Jordan went and took the 4 shoes that MJ wore each time he scored more than 60 in a game and combined them into, the Jordan 60 plus.

The shoe came out looking amazing and it’s a Jordan, so it of course performs unbelievably well on the court and is a fashion statement off the court.

When’s the last time you dropped 60?

4- Air Penny II

What? Lil’ Penny in the house!

I should maybe tone down my excitement for the re-release of this shoe, but seriously if you didn’t get these the first time around, count your lucky stars because they are back.

The Nike Air Penny II, and it’s available in some crazy new colors, like the black, white and red you see here. This shoe really brings back memories, not to mention, it looks great, feels great and is one of the greatest of all time.

Is it 1996?

3- Nike Hypersize

I have heard rumors from folks that say this is the best basketball shoe ever constructed in terms of on court use.

I can’t say that they are too far off. The Hypersize is comfy, and has the look of a basketball shoe. The color combinations for these are unreal.

Keep a look out for most college players to be rocking these as well as several of the guys in league. Chances are, if you are in the League and don’t have your own shoe contract, you will hoop in these.

2- New Kobe V

These have not been released yet, but when they do, you are going to want to pick a pair up.

They have kept the low cut from the success of the Kobe IV, and added a couple texture tweaks and a few line changes.

If this performs as well as the Kobe IV I’ll be blown away, if it performs better, (like it is expected to) I might die and go to heaven.


1- LeBron VI

Here comith the King.

These new kicks are ill. I’m going to be honest and say that I have not been a huge fan of Bron Bron’s kicks thus far. However, these shoes have won me over.

The design is simple, yet has enough details to make any shoe aficionado want to take a closer look.

Word on the street is this will be the lightest shoe LeBron has put out yet. If it is good enough for the King, it should be good enough for the rest of us.