10.Fall Out Boy – Just beating Kings Of Leon to number 10, Fall Out Boy are a joy to listen to.

9. 30 Second To Mars – Slightly over rated but still amazing, they don’t just make music they trail along a story with it too which I love.

8. Linkin Park – Forming up with not just rock, but an occasional rap enclosure too!

7. Lostprophets – The Welsh boys are still rocking out in 7th place.

6. Nightwish – So unknown but they are a colossus of orchestra and rock and you get one of the most beautiful set of music ever..this is Nightwish.

5. Greenday – So many people love this band, they are awesome.

4. Evanescence – They are an amazing rock band, evanescence takes 4th place.

3. Paramore – Paramore comes out of nowhere nd rocks our socks off!

2. My Chemical Romance – You Voted Them The Greatest Rock Band Of All Time On Kerrang! So I Gave Them 2nd Place Because There Sensational.

1. Billy Talent – You Probably Haven’t Even Heard Of Them, But They Are Sooooo Under rated it’s absolutely unbelievable..just go listen to surrender, rusted from the rain, white sparrows nd nothing to lose..come back nd tell me there not the best rock band in the world..plus it’s not just music wise they are awesome they send a message out to the world and have helped so many charities so that’s why i gave them the number 1 spot.

source: http://rateyourmusic.com/list/PhoenixT150/top_10_rock_bands_of_2000_2010